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Advanced Poker Bot 1.0

Advanced Poker Bot is an artificial intelligence poker bot for online poker
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Advanced Poker Bot is an artificial intelligence poker bot for online poker. Advanced Poker Bot v2 analyze how it could have played each hand differently. This is helping to learn from mistakes and constantly adjust to the conditions of the game.
Advanced Poker Bot uses a real-time poker calculator and opponent analysis tool for its decisions. The poker bot software support no limit,pot limit and fixed limit games. Advanced Poker Bot includes various plays from professional poker players such as chris ferguson, phill hellmuth and more.

Main features:
-Graphical user interface for ease of use
-Poker Bot hides itself from task manager and systray to avoid detection
-Random mouse-click delay to look more ‘human’
-Fully Automatic Software
-Support up to 4 tables at once
-Auto-Sit out when your profit or loss limits has been reached.
-Set a total playing time for each season
-Displays detailed Texas Hold’em odds for your current hand
-Auto change gear based on your profits
-100% Undetectable By The Poker Rooms
-Play The Game Your Own Way: Advanced Poker Bot is completely configurable to your own -playing preferences – play tight, loose, aggressive, or passive!
-100% Undetectable: Advanced Poker Bot avoids detection by constantly changing its playing style and randomizing decision time and clicks.
-Multi-Tables: Play on multiple tables at once and generate profits from dozens of hands simultaneously.

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